1. Why should I use Gear Tube over YouTube?

Gear Tube collates all the best demo videos into one place and removes irrelevant videos that YouTube might show. We also have an extensive list brand and artist channels which can be otherwise hard to find through the YouTube interface. Finally we have an extensive list of carefully curated videos on both the Featured and Blog section of our website and app.

2. You should add videos browsable by manufacturer / product?

This is something we're working on. For now you can use the search functionality to look for a specific product.

3. What benefits does Gear Tube bring my channel?

Firstly we're another access point for you to get views and subscriptions. We make it easier for users to find channels dedicated to gear by listing them in a directory. When your videos are shared  from Gear Tube on Facebook they appear with full image thumbnails , unlike YouTube shares. YouTube videos on Facebook have autoplay enabled, so views do not count towards your play count. This is not so with Gear Tube.

4. How does Gear Tube affect my channel's YouTube views and ad revenue?

Gear Tube embeds videos using the official YouTube embed code on both the website and mobile application. Plays on Gear Tube count towards both your play count and ad revenue. 

5. How can I submit my YouTube channel to Gear Tube?

Please contact us with your channel and contact details and we'll consider your for inclusion.

6. How can I advertise on Gear Tube?

Our standard advertising package includes one week of the following:

  • Large banner video
  • Large banner playlist or channel link
  • Three videos on the featured feed with Facebook posts (these also appear on related videos and the blog sidebar)
  • (Optional) Instagram posts

Please contact us if you're interested.

Note: If you are a manufacturer, you may wish to choose to link videos on other channels, not just your own videos.

7. Can I remove my videos/channel from Gear Tube?

If you would like your channel removed from the list of channels and from the "latest" feed please contact us. Remove individual videos please turn off embedding for the videos you do not what to appear on Gear Tube or any other sites.

8. Does Gear Tube stop me making money on my videos?

No, all the existing revenue streams remain, you still get YouTube Adsense revenue, you get increased views for any product placements and we include links that you have to merchandise in the description of your video. Gear Tube exists to help channels/gear manufacturers get a larger audience for their products and uses additional site advertising to support this goal.